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Architecture, Engineering, Procurement, Planning, Construction, Project Management, Real Estate Development, Housing Services, Inspections, PPP, Private Infrastructure, Construction Quality Control Guarantors, General Contracting, Business Services, Construction Advisory, Commodities Trading, Startups.

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Built Environment Services

Architecture and Engineering

We will help you to achieve architectural masterpieces engineered to stand the test of time. Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial, Chemical, Food Engineering.

Construction and Project Management

We deploy modern Construction technologies and competence in translating designs into actual structures on site and in the workshop. We manage projects to deliver within defined scopes.

Masterplanning and Cost Estimation

We plan out projects, from studies to concepts to detailed planning, analysis and cost estimation to help you have a detailed roadmap and blueprint that will aid the execution of your projects.

Construction Quality Control

We provide quality assurance and control services for projects ranging from material tests to setting standards for contractors to watching out for the interest of clients who have bought into offplan real estate development projects by third party developers. We make sure they deliver within the time, cost and quality scope agreed with you.

Real Estate Development and Housing

We are proponents of Affordable housing that is also acceptable to the end user, and have thus focused on Sites and services development to deliver housing goals within acceptable limits of cost, ambience and durability.

Inspections and Construction Advisory

We inspect buildings and structures plus carry out reconnaissance surveys in order to help you arrive at an informed decision while deliberating on property and civil structure issues. We also provide advisory services on methods and materials that can be used to deliver projects without breaking the bank.

Skilled Artisan outsourcing

We possess a deep pool of Skilled Artisans and Technicians that we second to work on your projects. These includes Masons, Electricians, Plumbers, Tilers, Fitters, Painters, Mechanics, etc. They all come with indemnitties and money back guarantees.

Infrastructure JV Services

Private Estate Water Networks

Water networks privately built and controlled within estates to serve water requirements of residents in a cost effective and adequate manner

Private Estate Power Generation and Distribution

Power is essential for modern day life, we provide private power services that see us generate and supply power to residents in estates.

Private Estate Roads and Sewerage

Road infrastructure is essential for modern commerce, we plug gaps in public road networks by constructing and controlling private roadways.

Public-Private Partnership

We partner with Governments to co-develop and manage public infrastructure and services.

General Services

Commodities Trading

We facilitate the sourcing, procurement, export and import of commodities ranging from Agricultural products to solid minerals.

Business Services

Consulting, Fixing, Strategy development and support services.


Large scale farming, Storage, and Processing services.


Bulk haulage, distribution and transAfrican movement of goods.

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We are a modern organisation that operates within principles of Lean Six Sigma Total Quality management, this allows us to minimise overheads, maximise employee welfare and deliver solutions optimally to your specifications without breaking the Bank

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We do what we say, when we say we will do so.

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We deliver outputs following industry best practices.

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We make sure to give you value for money.
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We are plugged into an ecosystem that backs up service offerings with real market data.

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Solutions Tailormade specifically to solve business problems for you within your specific benchmarks across all Sectors that we operate in.

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